Unlike Any Other Blood-based Tumor Marker

The DiviTum® TKa test quantifies the level of thymidine kinase activity in the bloodstream from proliferating tumor cells. This generates a DiviTum activity score which can offer important insights about the proliferative status of a patient’s disease.

Next-Level Monitoring of mBC Patients

The DiviTum® TKa test is an innovative tumor TK activity (TKa) profile test for early prognosis and prediction of mBC treatment outcomes in postmenopausal HR+ mBC patients.

Fills the Current Imaging Gap

The DiviTum® TKa test can provide clinicians with information about changes in tumor cell proliferation in response to therapy many months before a change in tumor volume is detectable by imaging.

– Assesses non-measurable disease that may not be detected with conventional imaging.
– With measurable disease, assessing TKa may complement and improve diagnostic accuracy when imaging results are equivocal.



Astrid Zachariasson

Director Marketing & Strategic Partnerships