During the cutting process, the cutting blade may have been changed, cutting angles have been optimized, small errors have been corrected – all without any intervention from the user.

The result is a timesaving cutting process that complements the natural workflow in the laboratory and enables better utilization of other technology and minimizes the risk of bottlenecks – for example, by letting the cutting process run overnight so that the desired cuts are ready the next morning.

High standard

The AS-41M0 has a wide range of advanced facilities as standard.

Automatic replacement of cutting blade

The condition of the cutting blade is monitored continuously, and the blade is replaced automatically if knife marks are observed in the cut.

Automatic vacuuming

Paraffin and other excess material from the cut is sucked away to maintain a high standard.

Automatic adjustment of cutting angle

All blocks are automatically adjusted to the optimal angle relative to the microtome knife.

Ultra-precise cutting and mounting

The machine produces cuts with very great uniformity in thickness due to the cutting takes place with precise timing at a controlled temperature.

Easy to expand

The AS-410M can be expanded and adapted with a large selection of accessories.

Code reader and sample identification

The barcode on the cassette is read, and information from this and LIS is printed directly on the slide, which reduces the risk of human error.

Automatic surface recognition

The machine can be set to detect the tissue surface photographically, so that the cuts are cut with the largest possible tissue surface in the block.

Technical specifications
Block capacity 6, 24 or 96 bloks
Slide Capacity 1 holder of 100 slides or 4 holders of 100 slides
Section thickness 3-4µm
Process time Ca. 2 ½ minutes/blok
Block sizes Recommended block size is 24x24mm, 24x30mm, 23x31mm, 24x37mm

The AS-410M can cut smaller blocks, but without the automatic adjustment of the block in relation to the microtome knife.

Height of blocks 5-14mm.

Quality options CCD camera and auto trimming software.

Bar code reader for internal printing.

CCD camera and software for quality check knife marks and other artifacts.

Function with the possibility of placing two cuts on slides.

Expansion package for communication with LIS systems.


Søren Christensen