The Dakewe CT520 cryostat provides consistent and reproducible frozen sectioning, freezing up to 20 specimens simultaneously. It features double compressors, precise temperature control, and rapid cooling. Separate temperature settings for the specimen holder, freeze shelf, and blade holder enable the target temperature to be reached in 1.5 hours.

With a semi-automated microtome outside the cryochamber, it enhances reliability, and precise stepper motors ensure consistent specimen feeding for homogeneous sections. The blade holder adapts to high and low-profile blades, ensuring stability and smooth sectioning on a durable dual rail.

Users can easily adjust parameters via a physical control panel, and a sensor light with adjustable brightness prevents eye fatigue. The cryostat includes a specimen holder position memory function, three customizable temperature presets, and clear display of specimen holder travel distance.

Scheduled automatic defrosting, an intelligent cooling algorithm, rocking mode for trimming, easy decontamination, and operation logs aid in efficient lab management. In summary, the Dakewe CT520 cryostat offers advanced features for precise and user-friendly operation.



Jacqueline Blackmore

Senior Product Specialist 



Ainsley Clarke-Glave

Product Specialist



Matt Anderton

UK Business Lead