Solving a problem for medical staff all over the world

Millions of biopsies are handled in hospitals and clinics every day. This process generally involves the use of formalin which poses severe a health risk.

BiopSafe delivers an efficient solution to this problem. It is a new and revolutionary method of handling biopsies helping to protect medical personnel all over the world. The BiopSafe vial provides safe formalin handling with a simple touch of your thumb.

BiopSafe is a small container with formalin encapsulated in the lid. With a light press of the thumb the formalin is released in a closed system covering the biopsy. The result is that no personnel are exposed to the content in either liquid or vapour form.

Fast and easy

Aside from being safe, the method is also fast. BiopSafe is always at hand and it only takes seconds to place the biopsy in the vial and press to add the formalin. This simple handling saves time and ensures that doctors and nurses can concentrate on other important issues. At the same time making transport to the lab secure and easy.

2 sizes

We have vials in 2 sizes: 20 ml and 60 ml. This makes it easier to handle more biopsies at one time. Each biopsy can be placed in a cassette and arranged with other cassettes in a vial container before the lid is screwed on and the formalin released.


Matt Anderton

UK Business Lead



Jacqueline Blackmore

Senior Product Specialist

Ainsley Clarke-Glave


Ainsley Clarke-Glave

Product Specialist